Becoming a member

The membership of PTCA is divided into different categories reflecting the education, skills

and experience of individual coaches and making their national curricula comparable at an international level.

The main categories of membership at the PTCA are: Registered Member Silver Member Gold member Honorary Gold Member. Those memberships are mostly linked to a certain professional accreditations but can also be independent as an honorary membership.

For each individual to become a member of the PTCA his or her educational and professional experience are evaluated in a system of credit points for the individual’s membership profile.

For professional experience, training courses and other activities relevant for the individual’s professional background and skill-set credit points are given for the number of hours spent in such activity, educational program or in executing a given professional assignment.

Some items of professional experience or skills acquired by a candidate can not be measured just in time spent on such educational program or activity, or a given professional experience cannot be captured just in measured time. For this type of elements in the background of a candidate, credit points are given to certain milestone achievements in the candidate’s curriculum, e.g. for university degrees earned, or for achievements as active tennis player etc. Credits given for certain items that are only partially relevant for the profession as a tennis coach are capped at certain numbers to maintain the focus on the core competences required for being a professional tennis coach (e.g. multiple university degrees).

The list of educational and professional achievements that are assessed in the professional profile evaluation system of the PTCA can be accessed here .

Membership Criteria and Categories

The members of the association are divided into a. Ordinary members b. Affiliated members

Members can be individuals and legal entities (including associations)

For more information on the requirements for each membership profile click on the link of each of the profiles listed here below:

1) Ordinary members : This group is subdivided into : a. REGISTERED MEMBERS b. ACCREDITED MEMBERS i. SENIOR SILVER MEMBERS ii. SENIOR GOLD MEMBERS iii. SENIOR GOLD HONORARY MEMBERS Link to criteria for Honorary Gold Members c. ACCREDITED SPECIALISTS 

d. SPECIAL EXEMPTS In addition, the Board may, in exceptional cases, admit candidates as ordinary members even if they do not meet all the requirements in all points of their membership profile. Such exceptional decisions (SPECIAL EXEMPTS) must be taken unanimously by the Board. In order to enquire on a request for a special exempt certification contact the Coach Development Officer of PTCA 2) AFFILIATED MEMBERS


Prospective coaches who meet the registered membership criteria of PTCA from an educational point of view but lack the professional field experience can enrol in the PTCA-Academy supervision and development program. They can obtain points for courses and congresses and gradually complement their profile towards full PTCA membership.

Application for Membership You can apply for PTCA Membership following the Automatic Membership Application Process. By clicking this link you will be guided through the application procedure which will require you to state your career curriculum and to substantiate it with the necessary supporting documentation which you will be asked to upload to the site in pdf format. We require this procedure to maintain the quality standards that should govern the access to the profession of a professional tennis coach. These standards protect your image and reputation as a professional coach and endorse the value you bring to the development of the players you are working with.

The automated application procedure should be self-explanatory. However, if you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact our Coach Development Officer