PTCA Structure

PTCA Structure

PTCA is an association of tour coaches, for tour coaches providing the platform to advance skills by facilitating organizational tools, resources, high quality benefits, services, advocacy, additional income, and representation improving the life of the coach and in turn, improving the performance of the players each coach represents.

Another big goal is to raise the level of our coaches and get “coaching” to be a recognized occupation also in the “other world” and on tour. Therefore we are forcing educational goals of our members and are evaluating previous education and working skills. This is important to be able to scan all coaches and begin from where everybody is.

Our structure is built on:

  • Support: Contracts, new jobs, Insurances, cars, travels
  • Teamwork: Cooperation with ATP, WTA and ITF
  • Advocacy: Education, Accreditation and Registration through PTCA-Academy



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