”I wouldn’t have taken on the role of the 1st Vice President of this association if I wasn’t convinced that being a tennis coach is more than a means for paying for the living of a few people. There is a give and take in this profession. The community of tennis coaches has a lot to give to the tennis sport. But it also deserves a great deal of respect for what people in this profession deliver and under what conditions. It is time to get this into the spotlight too.

            Mats Wilander, PCMP


“For me PTCA is a necessary and important part of the professional coaching society worldwide.
It is a big help for us in the national associations to compare different levels and standards
especially because we are having the opportunity to take active part of the international
professional coach development scene. Therefore I am supporting and acknowledge PTCA as
international governing body of tennis coaches whose member I am”.


Head of Coach Development – Austrian Tennis Association
Prof. Mag. Harald Mair, PCMPSE
PTCA Cert. Master Professional – Spec. Coach Dev. / Accr. Educator