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"PTCA is a necessary and important part of the professional coaching society worldwide. It is a big help for us in the national associations. I am supporting and acknowledge PTCA as international governing body of tennis coaches whose member I am"
Harald Mair
Austria Tennis Association

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of the Professional Tennis Coaches Association. The PTCA unites the world’s leading professional tennis coaches. Click here to see who is part of the PTCA and their professional profiles.


I am convinced that being a tennis coach is more than a means for paying for the living of a few people. It deserves a great deal of respect for what people in this profession deliver and under what conditions. It is time to get this into the spotlight too."
Mats Wilander
PTCA 1st Vice President

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Mission Statement

The PTCA is committed to providing you with the optimal professional environment to make your career as a professional tennis coach successful. We believe in the values of our profession and want you to be proud of being part of the Professional Coaching Community. Members of the PTCA have to fulfill high standards: all diplomas and life experience are assessed, sorted in categories of equivalence and eventually certified.

However, PTCA follows a pragmatic approach focused on the substance of quality standards. Therefore, the Advisory Board and the Executive Board of the PTCA follow admission procedures ensuring that outstanding experience in professional coaching demonstrated in tangible and sustained success be adequately recognized in the PTCA’s membership process.


Becoming a member

The membership of PTCA is divided into different categories reflecting the education, skills and experience of individual coaches and making their national curricula comparable at an international level.

The main categories of membership at the PTCA are:
Registered Member
Silver Member
Gold member
Honorary Gold Member

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