Registered Member Criteria


Being registered member of the PTCA is the entry level of the Professional
Tennis Coaches Association. It recognises the candidates high level of education
and a promising curriculum for evolving on the professional tennis tour.

A Registered Member needs to be recommended by 2 Gold Members. An
applicant for Registered Membership has to fill out the PTCA Online registrations
form at the website or apply for a special exempt by mail to The Registered Member candidate has to
meet quality standards that score a minimum of 15 000 Credit Points under the
PTCA professional profile evaluation system.

For becoming a Registered Member of the PTCA the following minimum requirements
have to be met:
• 28 years of age
• Professional Coach at least 3 years
• Coverage of at least 5 Grand Slam qualifications
• + PTCA required online registration system quality points (PRO-RSQP)

For Fitness Coach the following additional criteria are applicable:
1) Acknowledged Athletic Trainer Certificate (ATC), Fitness Coach
Certificate or equivalent
2) Athlete Status: College Sports Level

Being Registered Professional Coach with PTCA confers one or both of the
following registered titles:
a. PTCA Registered Tennis Coach
b. PTCA Registered Fitness Coach (at the moment PTCA will only register
Fitness coaches. PTCA will use existing an acknowledged certification