ING Luxembourg – The PTCA Banking Partner

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ING Luxembourg has been selected the Official Banking and Financial Services Partner of PTCA for Europe. As sponsor ING Luxembourg supports PTCA financially and provides the PTCA with top-class banking services. For PTCA members ING Luxembourg has developed tailor-made asset management products at preferential conditions allowing PTCA members accessing best-in-class asset management services at very competitive pricing.

PTCA Member Benefits

ING has developed a full range of financial and asset management services tailored to the specific needs of professional tennis coaches. The product range offered by ING Luxembourg covers day-to-day financial services and long-term asset management in a flexible way  taking into account the volatility of income in the coaching profession, retirement planning, education financing plans for children , wealth preservation and wealth growth planning etc. To get more details on the services offered by ING Luxemburg click on the following link for a detailed PTCA Package presentation or contact the ING Luxembourg Wealth Coach Desk dedicated to the PTCA.

Tatiana Erzisnik

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Translation & Interpretation Services

More infos here: Tatiana Erzisnik Brochure

Tatiana Erzisnik Resume

MyCourt by Pendosoft – the PTCA Website Partner

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Pendosoft  is the parent company of MyCourt, a software provider to the tennis coaches community. In the Partnership with PTCA Pendosoft has created and hosts, manages and administers the website of the Association and has developed the electronic membership application tool through which professional tennis coaches can apply online for membership of the PTCA.

PTCA Member Benefits

The subsidiary of Pendosoft MyCourt offers to the Members of PTCA…

Orange Coach

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Orangecoach is the essential online career platform for tennis professionals, especially for coaches active within the pro tour (atp/wta/itf). We can help you find the job that’s right for you and we are able to support & manage you during your career through our personal management services. Let us help you find your next tennis challenge, within or outside the pro tennis tour!

  • Build a searchable tennis resume with our online resume creator;
  • Advertise your tennis resume in our online pro registry;
  • View detailed tennis jobs & apply online;
  • Get access to career recources & draft contracts;
  • Personal tennis coach career management available (PTCA MEMBERS ONLY / available against additional cost);
  • Receive the latest tennis job offers by email and social media.

PTCA Member Benefits

PTCA Special Introduction Offer: FREE 12 months OrangeCoach membership (regular fee USD 150,00).

For further information contact:


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GroupESTESS is promoting the sports of tennis through two dedicated tennis bases in Seefeld in Austria and in Luxembourg. Beyond its training programs ESTESS offers business development services to organizations and professionals and management services for players.  GroupESTESS supports the PTCA by providing office infrastructure and business support from its offices in Seefeld in Austria and proactively supports the build-up of the PTCA as an international organization.

PTCA Member Benefits

Image and credibility are playing an important role in today’s society.

Licensing, accreditation and certification associates your project with the renowned brand of ESTESS. The brand of ESTESS has a solid and impressive history since 1985 and can give your business project a stronger operating platform for promoting its identity and bringing it to scale. Dedication, determination and responsibility are our core values and mean a lot to us.

ESTESS is certifying quality programs, structures and productions. Our professionals carry the ESTESS brand honoring quality and dedication.

For the protection of the customers and partners, the brand ESTESS is a registered EU-trademark protected by the law as well as its additional quality trademarks DiT (training and education) and CIR (sports medicine).

GroupESTESS offers support at reduced fees for following services:

  • Building structures for Academies
  • Management for Academies and players
  • Building Homepages
  • Education programs in Sports Medicine
  • Education Programs in Tennis Coaching
  • Evaluation  and recognition of Education Programs and awards of the EU-protected title DiT and CIR
  • Registration of Coaches and Therapist and Sports Meds
  • Franchise ideas and support.

As a PTCA Member ESTESS offers you preferred conditions for joining the world of GroupESTESS.

For further information contact







Freeze Frame Tennis

PTCA Member Benefits

PTCA members in good standing are exempted from the yearly user fee


How to become a Partner or Sponsor of PTCA

The PTCA offers a unique platform for promoting your company or organisation to the community of world-class professional tennis coaches at tour-level. If you are interested in cooperating with the PTCA or to support the PTCA in its efforts to promote quality standards and ethical values  for the coaching profession and the sports of tennis then contact the President of the PTCA or any of the members of the Executive Board.