Gold Membership Criteria

PTCA GOLD MEMBERSHIP – the State of Excellence

PTCA Senior Gold Membership is the highest award of excellence for education, professional experience and skills. PTCA Gold Members have to be recommended by the PTCA Advisory Board.

PTCA SENIOR GOLD Members have to meet the following minimum requirements: • 35 years of age • Professional Coach at least 10 years • Coverage of at least 20 Grand Slams • + PTCA required online registration system quality credit points (PRO-RSQP)

Applicants for PTCA Senior Gold Membership have to submit the electronic PTCA Online registrations form on the website or apply for a special exempt by mail to

The Senior Gold Member candidate has to meet quality standards that score a minimum of 40 000 Credit Points under the PTCA professional profile evaluation system.

The PTCA confers the following titles for Senior Gold Members: PTCA Accredited Master Professional


Besides the Ordinary Gold Membership the PTCA Academy Accreditation Board can decide upon recommendation of the PTCA Advisory Board to confer the Senior Gold Membership on an honorary basis in the following cases:

A “Special Exempt h.c.*” can be given to coaches who have achieved 1 of 4 options: I. Responsible Coach (no Boy/-Girlfriend unless the candidate is ATP 300 or WTA 200 player) of at least 1 Top 10 Player for at least 3 Years + ATP Registered Coach Member II. Responsible Coach of at least 1 Top 10 Player who reached the quarterfinals of all the Grand Slam tournaments for the last 3 years III. Winner of a Grand Slam Tournament as a player in Singles or Doubles and former number 1 Ranking ATP/WTA IV. Coaches of 1 Grand Slam Winner as official Coach for at least 3 years

In addition, the PTCA confers, upon recommendation of the PTCA Advisory Board, the Status of PTCA GOLD MEMBERSHIP on a HONORAY *basis to:

Individuals with special merits and extraordinary performances for the PTCA Association or special knowledge and Know-How in the fields of Media, Finances, Organisation etc. provided for the benefit of the Association II. People with special merits for the sports of Tennis


The relating Membership Titles conferrable to Gold Members on an Honorary Basis are: PTCA Accredited Master Professional h.c. (“Professional Special Exempt”) PTCA Master Member h.c. (“Merit Special Exempt”)

*The application for a special exempt (Professional, h.c. or merit) hast to be decided of the PTCA Academy Accreditation Board.